We do not have a retail store. We primarily sell from our home in St Joseph, MN and at a home in Sartell, MN. We only give our address to people that response to our ads so customers don't show up at random times throughout the day thinking we are a retail store. We buy seedling plants from other nurseries in MN and WI and then grow them on our land out of town.

Not at this time. We only sell potted plants at our location(s).

We are open most weekends and weekdays after 5:30pm throughout the summer.

Yes, at this time it is more convenient to skip handling taxes on top of our prices. Most customers appreciate not having to pay taxes on top of the list price. This also makes it easily for us to negotiate deals for larger orders. The sales tax in MN is determined by the city that the sale occurs and for us it is 7.625%. The challenge is to keep our prices low compared with competitors which do not include sales tax. When our prices are lower than competitors, they are actually extra lower since our prices include the taxes that we pay to the state.

Honeyberries are a species of honeysuckle native to cold regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. Honeyberries grow 4 to 6 feet tall. They are very hardy, few pest problems and can grow in partial shade or full sun. The plants produce elongated fruit that ripen and turn dark blue in late spring. The favor of the fruit is similar to a blueberry. They are high in antioxidants and Vitamin A and D. They need two varieties to cross pollinate.

Yes, but only the zone 4 varieties. Some zone 4 Pears are Kieffer, Summercrisp, Moonglow, Ayers, Early Gold, Golden Spice, Gourmet, Luscious, Parker, Patten and Wild Pears. 

Some zone 4 plums are Mt. Royal, Pipestone, Black Ice, Alderman, Superior and Toka. 

Some zone 4 Peaches are Reliance, Contender, Madison, Intrepid.

Yes, we are primarily looking for homeowners that are interested in selling our plants from their homes in the more populated areas of MN. The northern suburbs of the metro or along HW-94, cities like Clearwater, Becker, Big Lake, Monticello, Albertville, Rogers, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center, Anoka or Coon Rapids.  

If you love plants/fruit trees this is a great summer side-business. If you are interested, just send us an email.