Each year we give away free plants. We usually give 1 free plant with any purchase. Each year we grow a few too many of something and give away the extra.

Last year we gave away Honeyberry plants and this year we will probably give away Honeyberry plants and Evans Bali Cherry trees.

We sell fruit trees and other small plants in Central MN. We have a full selection of fruit trees with new varieties each year. We also publish a catalog that you can view online and pickup a printed copy when you stop by.

Our plants/trees are potted up, 2-4 feet high the perfect size to fit in your vehicle. They are all cold hardy and easy to grow in MN.

We have several advantages over big nurseries. We meet with you face-to-face to talk about what your plans are and then we show you what we have and answer any questions. We can also show you some of the fruits that the trees produce (taste test). We can discuss soil, irrigation, fencing and harvesting. We grow almost all of our plants/trees in our own gardens so we know they will grow in this zone and climate. Our prices include taxes so you don't have to pay more than the listed prices and we can make deals on the fly for large orders.