Courtesy Guarantee

We guarantee you will love our trees. If you buy a fruit tree and successfully keep the animals away long enough for it to grow up, you will love eating the fruit. Or if you buy an evergreen or another tree and are successful in keeping the animals away, you will enjoy the windbreak or privacy that it provides all year round.

If you have trouble keeping trees alive we would love to talk with you about your conditions and maybe we can give some ideas to improve your success rate.

Not all trees enjoy a long and productive life. We guarantee to do our best to grow each tree with care until the day they leave our hands, but once they leave our hands they are in the hands of someone else. There are a million possibilities that young trees do not succeed. We do not replace trees that have died.

Disclaimer: This guarantee only applies to typically pleasant individuals. If you are a major grouch that does not love the smell of fruit trees blooming or fresh cut firewood then even we can’t help you. The good news is that we try to keep our prices low enough so that you can buy two or buy another the next year if your first does not succeed. Until then Spring is always just around the corner.