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Strawberry (Allstar)

Allstar Strawberries are winter-hardy and produce a large crop in June.

Late July
Mature Height:
Scientific Name:
Allstar Junebearing
Available (Spring):

Allstar Strawberries produce a large strawberry crop each year. They are June bearing plant that combine large, sweet flavor with a glossy red color. Excellent for eating fresh and freezing. A good all-around reliable producer, Allstar Strawberry plants are highly resistant to disease. After they berries are done, the plants grow shoots to grow into new strawberry plants next year. When the berries are done growing, we like to clean out the dead plants and shoots from the previous year so that the new shoots have room to find a good place to grow. We grow these in raised beds to keep the soil loose and each to reach. We also like to add a bird net over the top of the beds when they are producing berries to keep the birds from eating the berries.