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Honeyberry (Aurora)

Almost as good as blueberries, but a lot easier to grow.

Late May
Mature Height:
Scientific Name:
Lonicera caerulea 'Aurora'
Available (Spring):

Honeyberries produce elongated, 1½ inch fruit that have a wonderful sweet-tart flavor that is reminiscent of a cross between a blueberry and a grape. They produce fruit very early in the summer, often in late May or early June. Many gardeners eat them fresh or make them into jams or desserts. The upright shrubs grow 4 to 5 ft. tall with a 4 to 5 ft. spread and produce up to 10 lbs. of fruit at maturity. They are very tolerant to disease and soil conditions, unlike blueberries that are much fussier. The way God designed the plant with the berries under the leaves makes them difficult for the birds to get to. We like to make them into smoothies in the summer and freeze them to put on breakfast cereal in the winter.